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As young people increasingly leave their family farms to look for other jobs in cities, the age of farmers in Asia is slowly growing. The average age of a Filipino farmer is now 57.

Who's growing tomorrow's food?

By Yasmin Siddiqi on Fri, 03 July 2015

With a rapidly growing population in Asia and rising demand for drinking water, power, and food the competition for water resources is huge. The future challenge is how to grow more food with less water.

Legend Star Executive Director Gang Lu.

How to choose the right tech entrepreneur

By ADB Blog Team on Mon, 29 June 2015

As the People’s Republic of China is fast becoming a haven for all sorts of tech entrepreneurs, many of these need help from incubators such as Legend Star. Executive Director Gang Lu tells us more about the company’s business model, and how it decides which entrepreneurs to back.

Asia has been leading the way in issuing bonds, with the bulk of it coming from the PRC, but more “green bonds” are needed. A wind power project in Turpan, Xinjiang.

Green bonds: Financing renewable energy in Asia

By Thiam Hee Ng on Wed, 24 June 2015

Asia’s share of world energy consumption could rise from around a third in 2010 to more than half by 2035, and raw energy consumption in the region will more than double. Meeting these needs in a sustainable way requires a shift in investment away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources.

The region’s poor are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, since they often live in low-lying areas prone to sea level rise or floods. People riding a boat to cross a river in Bangladesh.

Asia – climate change battleground

By Preety Bhandari on Tue, 16 June 2015

Asia and the Pacific has much to gain from combating climate change, having endured  some of the worst climate-related disasters of recent years. But with the region producing  an ever greater share of global carbon emissions, what can it do to protect its people—and the world—from the effects of climate change?