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Stephen P. Groff

Vice-President, Operations 2

Stephen P. Groff is Vice-President (Operations 2) of ADB. He assumed office in October 2011. Mr. Groff is responsible for the full range of ADB’s operations in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. His mandate includes establishing strategic and operational priorities in his areas of responsibility, producing investment and technical assistance operations amounting to $4-5 billion annually, managing an existing portfolio of about $23 billion, and leading about 700 staff.

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Production line at a rice cracker factory in Viet Nam.

TPP no inspiration for Doha negotiations

Posted on Tue, 24 November 2015

Even if their agendas seem alike, neither the content of the Trans-Pacific Partnership nor the process of the talks can provide a positive stimulus for the Doha Development Agenda trade negotiations.