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All for one and one for all in Pacific development

In Pacific culture the vaka, or outrigger canoe, represent Pacific islanders’ connection to their ancestry, their way of life, and the environment. Embodying respect, balance, harmony, and teamwork, the vaka is a symbol of community members working successfully together. 

Students attending a class at Tupou High School in Nuku'alofa, capital of Tonga. Photo credit: Luis Enrique Ascui 2010

Help us make development work in the Pacific, your views wanted

ADB’s 14 Pacific developing member countries make up a subregion like no other. On a map many of these tiny specks of nations are barely discernable in the vast Pacific Ocean which connects them. Most are home to less than 100,000 people and each country has their own closely held languages, cultures and traditions. Development has been constrained by limited or unevenly distributed resources and endowments, and environmental fragility.