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Photo Credit: Gerhard Jörén for ADB 2011

The time is now: Act to stop violence against women

The region is reeling from the gruesome and brutal rape of a young woman student in Delhi. The horror of the incident and subsequent death of the victim has awakened the global community and generated momentum to fight violence against women. The One Billion Women Rising Campaign is mobilizing men and women to rise up and demand an end to violence on V-Day – 14th February.

Shireen Lateef

Engineer Nisha Tripathee of Nepal

Meet Nisha Tripathee: A female engineer in Nepal

The only professional women many girls in rural Nepal see are health workers and teachers. Therefore it nearly always sparks conversations when members of our project field teams are women engineers and scientists. You can just see the expanded future possibilities ticking away behind girls’ eyes.

Shanny Campbell

Where are the girls?

Perhaps the saddest indication of discrimination against women and girls are the millions of baby girls who are simply not born every year due to pre natal sex selection. On the average, for every 100 baby girls born in the world, we should expect between 104 and 107 baby boys to be born. This is called Sex Ratio at Birth or SRB.

Shanny Campbell