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Moving towards healthy life expectancy in Post 2015

The United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) program was a big success. It kept social development alive amidst a rush for infrastructure and growth. The United Nations is now spearheading a massive movement to define new goals up to 2040, with equity and sustainability as the central themes.  

H7N9: The threat and opportunity

In the last weeks a new strain of a bird flu virus was observed for the first time in humans in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The virus, which has been traced to a reassortment of genes from wild birds in East Asia and chickens in East PRC, poses many urgent questions and raises global public health concerns about an expanding outbreak.

Susann Roth

An opportunity for regional public goods in health strategy

The current H7N9 avian influenza (bird flu) that has infected 108 cases and claimed 22 lives, and that has just spread outside People’s Republic of China (PRC) as of 24 April 2013 should be a stern reminder that global (and regional) health threats continue to loom large.

Brian Chin