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Photo credit: Abir Abdullah for ADB 2012


The Future We Want: A World Free of Poverty — And Inequality

As the discussion around the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) framework gains momentum, I also want to add my meek voice to the growing buzz, which is likely to reach a crescendo in September this year. The MDGs represent the global vision of reducing poverty in its various dimensions. Needless to say, we need continued attention to all the goals, since we can hardly declare “mission accomplished” in any of the dimensions of poverty they seek to address.

Indu Bhushan


Asia Needs to Invest More in its People

Developing countries in the region have made good progress in increasing student enrollments and financing for education; however, heightened spending has not effectively translated into improved education outcomes. High dropout rates and low completion rates in education further exacerbate the situation in many countries.  

Jouko Sarvi

Economics | Social development and protection

Aging: A Threat to People’s Republic of China’s Growth

Aging can adversely affect economic performance, demanding changes in social and economic policies to address the challenge. While the best-known dimension of aging relates to fiscal sustainability due to spiraling health care and pension costs, the repercussions are wider. More worryingly, aging will ultimately constrain economic growth because labor supply shortages result in lower GDP growth in the absence of increases in total factor productivity.

Yolanda Fernandez Lommen

A view of smog, haze in the city’s skyline in People’s Republic of China.


Pollute First, Clean Up Later: Could We Avoid this Development Model?

Resource depletion and environmental pollution are serious issues in developing Asia. This was well illustrated in January of this year when northern People’s Republic of China (PRC) suffered its worst air pollution on record. The level of pollution moved many to question the old development model of “pollute first, improve later”. 

Aiming Zhou