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  • Getting More Women into Asia’s Parliaments is Key to Gender Equality

    Achieving gender equality in national legislatures in Asia and the Pacific is attainable through political will, robust gender quotas, and supportive mentorship programs. These measures, combined with effective use of digital spaces and policies to combat gender-based violence, are crucial for ensuring equal representation.

    Stefan Schipper, Sean Crowley, Jomel Jhele T. Sadsad

  • Four Ways to Make Armenia’s Transport Network More Resilient

    Armenia faces a growing need to adapt its infrastructure to withstand severe climate events and maintain crucial trade routes. Enhancing resilience through modern engineering practices and strategic investments is vital for the country's economic stability and growth.

    Chen Chen, Don Lambert

  • How to Leverage Technology for Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health

    Innovative health technologies are enhancing mental health care and the management of noncommunicable diseases, particularly in low and middle-income countries. These advancements offer cost-effective solutions for screening, diagnosis, and patient care, improving healthcare outcomes globally.

    Jae Kyoun Kim, Vasoontara Yiengprugsawan

  • Four Actions to Incorporate Climate and Health Care into Policy

    Climate change has exacerbated weather hazards and health risks, driving the need for climate-resilient health systems. Effective adaptation strategies, innovative technologies, and sustainable financing are essential for safeguarding vulnerable populations and maintaining care.

    Dinesh Arora

  • The Right Policies Can Separate Economic Growth from Pollution

    While emerging economies primarily experience rising CO2 emissions with growth, and high-income nations see declining emissions, actions such as addressing income inequality, promoting sustainable tourism, investing in alternative energy, and encouraging reforestation can shift this dynamic towards sustainability.

    Matteo Lanzafame, Antonio Francesco Gravina

  • Four Steps to Cleaner Water and Better Sanitation in Vanuatu and Beyond

    There are many guides, standards and regulations for national water, sanitation and hygiene policies. To see policy impact on the ground and improvements to community water and sanitation, implementation partners need to focus on how they come together.

    Hilson Toaliu, Piter Visser, Maria Tran

  • Pandemic Resources and Better Living Conditions Are Key to Tackling Tuberculosis

    The resurgence of detected TB infections after the pandemic has revealed persistent challenges in Southeast Asia, where socioeconomic factors exacerbate the disease's prevalence. Innovative strategies, such as AI-assisted detection and international cooperation, are critical to eliminating the scourge.

    Stefan Schipper, Sean Crowley

  • Three Actions for More Equitable School Funding

    In Nepal, there is a misalignment of equalization grants with actual service delivery costs. Reforms are needed to ensure fair distribution based on need. Integrating different grant types to address fiscal disparities and enhancing local governance in education are key steps moving forward.

    Deewas Khadka, Smita Gyawali