Anouj Mehta

Country Director, ADB Thailand Resident Mission, Southeast Asia Department

Anouj focuses on Innovative and Green Finance across Southeast Asia. Through SERD innovative finance hub, he manages the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance facility, including the Green Climate Fund approved "Green Recovery Program," one of the first such in Asia. He also led other initiatives and partnerships aimed at developing sustainable and leveraged finance projects. His focus on green finance since 2015 led to the development of ADB's first Catalyzing Green Finance publication and related ADB projects in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Southeast Asia as well as the launch of the recent "Green Recovery Strategies Post COVID-19" knowledge product. Previously Anouj led a pioneering PPP and sub-sovereign initiative in India from both the ADB and the World Bank. Anouj was an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase prior to joining ADB and has expertise in mergers and acquisitions, project and corporate finance, capital markets, sovereign and non-sovereign infrastructure financing.


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