Arun Ramamurthy

Principal Infrastructure Specialist (Digital Technology), ADB Transport Sector Office, Sectors Group

Arun supports ADB operations involving ICT solutions that introduce development innovations, ranging from an e-health platform using TV white space technology for a remote village hospital in Bhutan to an e-governance master plan for Myanmar and piloting voice biometric technology in Yangon Technological University. He is also focused on introducing ICT as an economic and development multiplier instrument for furthering regional cooperation in the Almaty-Bishkek Economic Corridor initiative. Arun has 19 years of experience in managing large ICT projects and  consulting assignments. In ADB, he has diverse functional experience in the areas of ICT, Administrative Services, Budget and Personnel Management, Knowledge Management and Governance and Public Management. 

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How Does IT Matter in Rural Health Service Delivery?

Very few young doctors and other health professionals want to work in distant geographic locations and this preference for working in urban centers won’t change in the future and might only increase.This problem calls for innovative solutions to bring health services to populations in hard-to-reach locations and Information Technology provides some viable options which need to be scaled up and integrated into public health systems to bridge the rural-urban gap.

Arun Ramamurthy