Bart Édes

Representative, North America Representative Office

Bart W. Édes has served as ADB’s Representative in North America since October 2, 2017. In this capacity, he mobilizes financing for ADB’s developing member countries; shares development knowledge and experience; establishes and deepens partnerships with public, private and nonprofit organizations in North America; and raises public awareness of ADB in Canada and the United States.

His earlier ADB experience includes leading teams responsible for knowledge management, social development, gender equity, the social sectors, civil society engagement, ICT for Development, inclusive business, governance, and public sector management. He guided the formulation of ADB’s Public Communications Policy, which set a new global benchmark for transparency and information sharing among the international financial institutions. Mr. Édes has also served as Alternate Chairperson of ADB’s Appeals Committee, and Member of the ADB Integrity Oversight Committee.

Between 1994 and 2000, Mr. Édes managed communications at SIGMA, a joint initiative of the European Union and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development providing support to public governance reform in Central and Eastern European countries. Mr. Édes has also worked as a journalist, researcher, policy analyst, and specialist on international trade and foreign direct investment.

He has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Government (cum laude) from Georgetown University. Mr. Édes is a dual national of Canada and the United States.

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წინსვლის მიუხედავად, აზიასა და ოკეანეთში მილიონობით ადამიანი კვლავ სიღარიბეში ცხოვრობს. ფოტო: ADB

როგორ დავაჩქაროთ მდგრადი განვითარების მიზნების განხორციელება აზიასა და წყნარ ოკეანეთში

აზიასა და წყნარი ოკეანის რეგიონში მდგრადი განვითარების მიზნების განხორციელება ნელი ტემპით მიდის, მაგრამ დაკარგული დროის ასანაზღაურებლად წინ კიდევ ერთი ათწლეულია.

Bart Édes

South Asia again confronts displacement by Mother Nature’s wrath

Thankfully, the eventual impact of Cyclone Mahasen on South Asia was softer than feared before it struck land this past week. However, the storm still left dozens dead and caused the precautionary evacuation or subsequent displacement of one million persons living in coastal areas around the Bay of Bengal.  

Bart Édes

New ILO standard sets the floor for social protection

Perhaps the most significant global social policy development in 2012 was approval of the International Labour Organization (ILO) recommendation on creation of social protection floors. Approved in June, the recommendation calls on the ILO’s 185 members to ensure that everyone in need has access to essential health care and basic income security.

Bart Édes