Betty Wilkinson

Former ADB Director, Public Management, Financial Sector, and Trade Division, ADB

Betty is the former ADB Director of the Public Management, Financial Sector, and Trade Division of the Central and West Asia Department. She was the leading professional in financial sector development and public management, with over thirty years of professional field experience worldwide. She has been internationally recognized for her expertise and innovation in financial inclusion, small business development, public management systems, and rural development. She has managed teams and designed, implemented, and evaluated a wide range of development programs in the field, as well as completing various research projects. She has worked as a banker, a donor representative, and a developing country government senior official. She has collaborated with numerous governments, private firms, multilateral and bilateral donors, and non-government institutions. She also engaged her former team in SME finance for women, mobile banking regulatory environments, unconditional cash transfers and potential replication of ultra-poor program pilots, technical and vocational education for countries with high seasonal migration patterns, improving budget investment efficiency in infrastructure, along with other innovations. Ms. Wilkinson used a participatory, inclusive style to successfully engage and support stakeholders and key champions of reform.

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The Age of ‘Big Data’

We are living in the time of Big Data. It comes from everywhere - from our cell phones, our computers, from fuel pumps, water sensors in meteorological stations, and countless other sources.  

Betty Wilkinson