Bindu N. Lohani

Former Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, ADB

Bindu oversaw ADB’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department and Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, as well as the Office of Information Systems and Technology. Before joining ADB in 1985, he worked with the Government of Nepal. He holds a doctoral degree in engineering. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mr. Lohani left ADB in 2015.

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From Farm to Fork—Combating Asia’s Hidden Hunger

Feeding the world is becoming an increasingly complex task. Providing all our daily bread—or rice—requires grappling with intense competition for natural resources, producing more from less land and dealing with changing dietary habits. But meeting food needs is not just about quantity. Quality is also important. Along with daily minimum calorie requirements, people also need vital micronutrients from their meals.  High levels of micronutrient deficiencies, a phenomenon we call “hidden hunger” remains pervasive, particularly in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Bindu N. Lohani

Economic growth is vital but it must be inclusive. Photo: ADB

Inclusive and Green Growth: Why is it So Elusive?

“Inclusive growth” and “green growth” are two buzzwords that we often hear in the development sphere nowadays. This is not surprising since these two form key part of many development strategies. While Asia has done extremely well in expanding its economies in the last two to three decades, rapid growth has brought with it rising inequality—within and across countries. It has also badly damaged the environment along the way.

Bindu N. Lohani