Bui Minh Giap

Principal Natural Resources and Agriculture Economist, ADB Sectors Group

Giap has pioneered in the formulation and execution of lasting-impact and least-cost economic policies for 26 years. His professional areas include: standard and non-conventional macroeconomic policies (fiscal, monetary, and supply-side) for sustainable and inclusive growth, price stability, and quality job creation; financing viable “public goods” as catalysts for private sector investments; SOE restructuring (privatization and MBO); project finance (due diligence on both greenfield and brownfield investments); structured and innovative finance (value chain); food security and food safety; regional and international trade; agro-enterprise business development; agro-commodity financing; and non-traditional products in agribusiness financing.

Giap currently leads sector strategy and planning for optimal investment sequencing, and investment project/program/product design and implementation. Prior to joining ADB, he advised governments, central banks, commercial banks, international financial institutions (ADB, BIS, IFC, IMF, WB), multi-industry business firms, and bilateral international development agencies.

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