Charity Torregosa

Senior Energy Officer, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, ADB

Charity coordinates the development and management of knowledge in ADB’s Energy Community of Practice, including research on and analysis of clean energy, new technology, and other issues in energy. She also coordinates the sector-focused peer review of energy sector projects. Prior to becoming an ADB staff member in 2010, Ms. Torregosa was a research associate for a non-government organization, and a consultant to the Philippines National Anti-Poverty Commission and ADB.

Blogs by this Author

  • Photo credit: Syed Muhammad Rafiq for ADB 2010.

    Gender dimension in energy: How energy can be made to empower women

    Published on Monday, 01 April 2013

    Women use the time saved from having electricity in doing more household work while men use the extra time in recreation and leisure. This was one of the results of a study  on the interfaces of energy, poverty and gender through in-depth investigation in selected rural provinces of the People’s Republic of China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.