Cristina Lozano

Principal Country Specialist, ADB Philippines Country Office, Southeast Asia Department

Cristina Lozano is Principal Country Specialist at ADB’s Philippines Country Office. Prior to her current position, she was Senior Economist (Public Finance) at ADB’s Southeast Asia Department, in the Public Management, Financial Sector and Trade Division covering nine Southeast developing member countries. She also worked in ADB’s East Asia Department covering ADB’s operation in the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. Prior to joining the ADB she worked in the African Development Bank and in the European Commission (European Union). Cristina has 20 years of relevant professional experience in public management, trade and investment policy, regulatory governance and reforms, and private sector development in Africa and Asia. She is as an Economist with a Master’s in International Economics and Trade with experience in project design and management of multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary projects in developing countries.

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