Edwin Lau

Head of Budgeting and Public Expenditure, Public Governance Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development

Edwin Lau is Head of the Budgeting and Public Expenditure Division which provides advice to countries on budgetary governance, independent fiscal institutions, fiscal consolidation, and budgetary tools such as infrastructure, gender and green budgeting. Prior to this, he led OECD work on public sector innovation, digital government, open data, human resources management, and risk management, and provided civil service reform advice to countries through the OECD Public Governance Reviews. A US national, he worked in the United States Office of Management and Budget in the 1990s. Edwin holds a Master’s degree from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a diplôme d’études approfondies from Sciences Po in Paris.

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Good governance is as important as financing when it comes to quality infrastructure, such as public roads.

Why Infrastructure Governance Matters

The delivery of services – such as clean water, reliable public transport, schools and hospitals – through economic and social infrastructure is among the most important functions of government. Resources must be well spent to ensure quality.

Bruno Carrasco, Edwin Lau