Enrico Pinali

Regional Head, Private Sector Development, ADB Central and West Asia Department

In his current role, Mr. Pinali oversees ADB’s work in Uzbekistan in the areas of Finance and Private Sector, including Public Private Partnerships. He has more than 18 years of professional experience, nearly 7 years of which spent in ADB. Previously he also held the roles of investment officer in the Inter-American Development Bank and financial sector specialist in the World Bank Group. Mr. Pinali holds Dual Masters’ degrees in Business Administration and Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration from the University of Denver, USA and a Laurea in Political Science with a specialization in International Economic Relations from University of Bologna, Italy. He is also a Certified Public Private Partnership Professional (CP3P).

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Узбекистан реализует амбициозную программу по развитию своей инфраструктуры, ключевую роль в которой играет государственно-частное партнерство.

В Узбекистане, государственно-частное партнерство является двигателем развития инфраструктуры

Узбекистан дал многообещающий старт интеграции ГЧП в свою программу развития инфраструктуры. Чтобы вывести амбициозную программу страны на новый уровень, необходимы решительная политика и эффективная реализация проектов.

Pratish Halady, Enrico Pinali