Haidy Ear-Dupuy

Unit Head, NGO and Civil Society Center, ADB Fragility and Engagement Division, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Department

Haidy supports the review of ADB financed projects to ensure core labor standards are implemented according to ADB’s social protection requirement. She coordinates and contributes to ADB’s internal and external engagement on labor related issues. Before joining ADB, she worked with World Vision Cambodia as Director of Advocacy and Communications on child protection, child labor, anti-human trafficking, food security, governance, and social justice. A US national, she holds two masters in both Economics and Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin.

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Writing to Lucy.

For Lucy, with Love

We write a letter to an aspiring governance specialist who is making her way in the web of development practitioners, and challenging the complexities of people, their interests and institutions.

Haidy Ear-Dupuy, Shaista Hussain

Photo courtesy of ANSA-EAP

Does Education Equal Wealth?

At an E-Camp: Social Accountability for Better Education Services held in the Philippines on 3-5 December, 2014, students from various countries in the Asia and Pacific region asked, “Is education still a way out of poverty?”

Haidy Ear-Dupuy

We are All Advocates

About twenty years ago I was working for a well-known nongovernment organization (NGO), campaigning on many issues from access to affordable drugs for HIV/AIDS patients, to advocating for fair trade for small farmers.  When asked what I did I explained about my advocacy for social justice.  “Oh so, you’re promoting communism?” was the response.

Haidy Ear-Dupuy