Haidy Ear-Dupuy

Senior Social Development Specialist (Core Labor Standards), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, ADB

Haidy supports the review of ADB financed projects to ensure core labor standards are implemented according to ADB’s social protection requirement. She coordinates and contributes to ADB’s internal and external engagement on labor related issues. Before joining ADB, she worked with World Vision Cambodia as Director of Advocacy and Communications on child protection, child labor, anti-human trafficking, food security, governance, and social justice. A US national, she holds two masters in both Economics and Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin.

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Mind the Gap: Closing the youth, government divide

When we look around the world there often seems a huge divide between young people and governments. While youth are frequently on the front line of civilian protests, criticizing the state, those in power often brand them as mere troublemakers and ingrates. How can we narrow this gap and help both sides better understand each other?

Haidy Ear-Dupuy

Building a Better World: Youth and Governance

Young people today live in a difficult world.  There are more graduates than jobs in the market, the environment is more degraded than ever before, and competition to earn a living and have the same quality of life as the previous generation is increasingly difficult.

Haidy Ear-Dupuy