Indu Bhushan

Former Director General, ADB

Indu Bhushan was previously Director General of the Strategy and Policy Department at ADB. Prior to this appointment, he worked in Southeast Asia and Pacific regions. Before joining ADB, he was a member of the Indian Administrative Service. An electrical engineer by training, he has master’s degree in health sciences and PhD in public health economics. His wife, Anjana, works with the World Health Organization. He has two daughters, Devika and Ambika. He loves to watch sports and movies, and play bridge.

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Bridging the “Identity Divide”: A Quiet Revolution in India

I do not have a birth certificate. Even though I was born in the capital city of the biggest province in India, my birth was never registered. Luckily, I went to school where they recorded my date of birth and my high school certificate gave me an identity. Now, I also have a passport and I can prove who I am.

Indu Bhushan

Asia faces challenges due to an aging population and needs to adapt its policies accordingly.

Greying Asia: A Case of Increasing the Retirement Age?

The significant increase in life expectancy and decrease in fertility rates in Asia present a challenge due to the lack of support systems for the aging population. We need to address these demographic changes, including revising policies like the retirement age to better support the elderly.

Indu Bhushan

The G20 was instrumental in dealing with the financial crisis of 2008/2009. Photo: John McArthur

How We Can Revitalize the G20

Is the G-20 losing its way? The G-20 played a critical role in leading the world out the financial crisis in 2008-9. It was decisive, united and effective in dealing with that crisis. However, it has since lacked that that level of vitality.

Indu Bhushan