Inez Mikkelsen-Lopez

Senior Health Specialist, ADB Human and Social Development Sector Office, Sectors Group

Inez is a public health specialist with a focus on strengthening health systems in low-income settings. Prior to joining ADB, she was a monitoring and evaluation advisor for a health program in Papua New Guinea funded by the Government of Australia. Ms. Mikkelsen-Lopez also has private sector experience as part of the Access to Medicines team with pharmaceutical company Merck. She started her career at the World Bank and has field experience in Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and Thailand.

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Diarrhea patients in a hospital in Dhaka.

Urban Health – from Bangladesh to India

The 12th International Conference on Urban Health was held last month for the first time in a developing country, something remarkable given that almost all urban population growth in our lifetime is predicted to take place in developing countries.

Inez Mikkelsen-Lopez