Lloyd Wright

Senior Urban Development Specialist (Transport), Central and West Asia Department

Lloyd assists in the implementation of sustainable urban transport initiatives for ADB’s Central and West Asia region. He is particularly supporting the development of quality public transport systems and non-motorized transport integration.

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Beijing’s smog-laden skies obscure the Forbidden City in a thick orange haze. Photo credit: iStockphoto.

The price of breath in Beijing

If a frog is placed in a boiling caldron, it will immediately jump out to safety.  If the same frog is placed in water, which is slowly heated to boiling, the frog will tranquilly remain and eventually die from overheating.

This biological anecdote is frequently utilized as a metaphor for our political state of affairs over global climate change.  As the planet slowly heats and succumbs to gradual change we unwittingly accustomize without sensing the dangers that await us.  The lessons from this phenomenon also encompass the state of our cities and the transport sector.

Lloyd Wright

2012 marked another year of record-setting growth in the motor vehicle fleet of Asia and the Pacific.  Photo by Lloyd Wright.

2012 in Numbers

I am normally a bit skeptical about the power of data to radically transform public policy. After all in the transport sector, the most serious issues of congestion, road accident fatalities and injuries and air pollution are readily obvious by looking out the window of any major Asian city. Would knowing the numbers more accurately make a difference to policy makers?

Lloyd Wright