Lotte Schou-Zibell

Advisor, Finance Sector, Asian Development Bank

Lotte provides strategic advisory support and leadership across the finance sector, including shaping sector policies, spearheading initiatives, and devising solutions that have a tangible impact. Work spans areas such as advancing emerging capital market issues, promoting contractual savings, championing sustainable and digital finance innovations, pioneering upstream development, overseeing quality assurance, and contributing to learning and development. Prior positions at ADB include Regional Director of the Pacific office and Chief of the Finance Sector Group. Before joining ADB, she was Director for International Economic Policy at the Swedish Ministry of Finance, a financial supervision and regulation expert at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and central bank, and an IMF consultant. 

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Hundreds of millions of people live on the cash economy without the benefits of banking, affordable credit and other financial services.

Digital Solutions for Financial Inclusion

Worldwide, there are 1.7 billion people who are outside of the formal banking and financial system. They struggle with high fees and risky systems to undertake even simple financial transactions. Digital innovations offer new ways to bring them out of financial darkness.

Lotte Schou-Zibell