Roman Mogilevskii

Senior Economist, ADB Regional Cooperation and Integration Unit, Central and West Asia Department

Roman Mogilevskii joined ADB in 2022. He leads ADB’s technical assistance supporting evidence-based policy making in Central and West Asia to address emerging challenges in the region. He also supports ADB’s Country Partnership Strategy development for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Before joining ADB, Roman worked for various think tanks and universities in Kyrgyz Republic and other countries of Central Asia. He has extensive experience researching trade policy, public finance, labour market, social policy, and macroeconomics in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. He advised the governments of several countries in the region and worked as a consultant for many international organizations including different development banks and UN agencies. He has a degree of candidate of physical-mathematical sciences from the Institute of Physics of Earth (Academy of Sciences of former USSR) and the Institute of Mechanics and Seismic Resistance of Structures (Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan).

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