Rouselle F. Lavado

Senior Health Specialist

Working in the Social Sector Division, Central and West Asia Department, she is currently on short-term assignment at ADB’s Economic Research and Regional Coordination Department.  She led preparation of health projects in the operations department for Tajikistan and Armenia and conducted analytical studies for Pakistan and Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program.  She is currently coordinating the research on economic impact of COVID-19 in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Pakistan.  Prior to joining ADB, she was a Health Economist at the World Bank, working for several health projects and analytical products in Europe and Central Asia region.  She was also a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies and was in-charge of the research team that estimated expenditures by diseases, meta-analysis of household surveys and national health accounts, and public expenditure reviews.   Her research has been published at WHO Bulletin, Lancet, and Journal of American Medical Association. She obtained her PhD from Hitotsubashi University and took her post-doctoral studies at University of Washington.

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