Seung Duck Kim

Energy Specialist, Central and West Asia Department, ADB

Seungduck Kim works on the energy projects in the energy division of the Central and West Asia Department. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in a wide range of energy sector operations from renewable energy, conventional generation, hydropower, energy efficiency to power transmission and distribution across Asia and Middle East regions. His recent professional interest of focus is on sector reforms in the Central Asian countries with a view to attracting private sector investments across the energy value chain and increasing regional interconnections. Currently, Seungduck is leading ADB’s energy sector lending and technical assistance operations in Uzbekistan and shifting ADB’s operations from conventional approaches to innovative and cutting-edge interventions in project design and financing. Prior to joining ADB, he worked with a large public sector electricity utility in Korea and for independent power projects across the globe. He holds a master’s degree in engineering from Stanford University, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Korea University

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Совместное использование энергии особо важно для Центральной Азии в достижении ее энергетических целей. Фото: Мэтью Генри

В будущем электросети советских времен могут обеспечить совместное использование энергии в Центральной Азии

Благодаря расширяющемуся региональному сотрудничеству и уже имеющейся платформе в Центральной Азии созданы необходимые составляющие для достижения энергетической безопасности, устойчивости и экономической конкурентоспособности.

Seung Duck Kim