Shanny Campbell

Country Director, ADB Tajikistan Resident Mission, Central and West Asia Department

Shanny has 18 years of experience in gender and social development, spanning every area and sector in Asia. She is passionate about issues, particularly innovation and methodologies to meaningfully empower women.

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Bust the Gender Myths to Set Girls on Course for Future

How many of your childhood friends do you remember who climbed trees, drew imaginative pictures showing how things worked, built cities of Lego, rode bikes, constructed forts from blankets and furniture and invented elaborate games involving hiding, seeking, capturing … and getting really filthy?

Shanny Campbell

Saying NO to Harassment

Women are the majority users of public transport. This may be because they are less likely to drive a car than men, or less likely to have priority use of a family vehicle. They are also more likely than men to be poor, making the ownership, re-fuelling and maintenance of a motor vehicle less of an option, especially for women in many developing countries. We can add this to the pervasive gender stereotypes in some countries dictating whether it is culturally appropriate for women to drive a car, take a bus, or even travel at all, especially on their own.

Shanny Campbell