Susann Roth

Principal Knowledge Sharing and Services Specialist, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Susann works on ADB’s innovation and knowledge management agenda. In this role she supports the implementation of Strategy 2030, which calls for more applications of technology, innovation, and strengthening knowledge management in ADB operations. Susann also works on corporate foresight to enhance the capacity of ADB and its clients to respond to and plan for emerging trends. Follow her on Twitter: @ADB_SusannR.

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Some social restrictions related to COVID-19 have had health impacts as well as the virus itself.  Photo: ADB

What we urgently need besides a vaccine

With millions of confirmed COVID-19 infections worldwide and hundreds of thousands of deaths, the search for solutions to end the impacts of COVID-19 is overpowering. Finding a safe and effective vaccine is one crucial answer to the crisis. But there is more to it.

Martina Merten, Susann Roth

Здоровый образ жизни и пригодные для жизни города являются важной частью предотвращения следующей пандемии.

Давайте предпримем решительные действия в отношении здоровья, чтобы избежать будущих пандемий

Пандемия COVID-19 могла бы дать возможность использовать более целостный подход к здоровью и благополучию, инвестировать в системы здравоохранения и в устойчивые цепочки поставок.

Susann Roth, Najibullah Habib