Suzanne Nazal

Civil Society Engagement Researcher (Consultant), ADB

Suzanne supports civil society participation and engagement in ADB’s operations, and has organized several knowledge sharing events on CSO engagement for ADB staff. To strengthen communication and dialogue with civil society, she co-manages social media platforms for ADB’s NGO and Civil Society Center. Before joining ADB, Ms. Nazal worked with several NGOs in the Philippines before becoming a freelance development planning consultant.

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A multi-purpose cooperative in the Philippines shows how civil society and communities working together can improve livelihood opportunities, while also looking after the environment.

5 Myths About Partnering with Civil Society

ADB's engagement with CSOs and NGOs has changed over time, and Strategy 2020 highlights partnerships with  both as central to ADB's project development processes — but there are still misconceptions about working with CSOs, which create challenges not only for ADB but for other development institutions as well.

Suzanne Nazal

Yolanda Response Shows Power of the Virtual Citizen

A year ago this last weekend, Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) hit the Philippines, the strongest tropical cyclone in recorded history. You may have heard about this tragedy via traditional media but it is likely you heard more about it through social media.

Suzanne Nazal