Tülin Akın Pulley

Senior Gender and Development Consultant, ADB

Tülin’s work with ADB spans 15 years advising Resident Mission Gender Specialists, and managing flagship gender capacity building programs to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Asia and the Pacific. In 2003 she developed the biannual Results-Based Lateral Learning Program for ADB and its partner agencies, which has facilitated gender mainstreaming in ADB operations in different sectors and thematic areas. In 2014, she launched ADB’s Asia Women Leaders Program which in its fifth year is strengthening and expanding the cadre of women leaders in public administration. Prior to ADB, Tülin worked with ICRW, USAID, and World Bank in Asia, Africa, Near East, and the Caribbean. She was Program Organizer for NGO FORUM ‘85 at the “End of UN Decade for Women Conference” in Nairobi.

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