Utsav Kumar

Principal Country Economist, ADB Sri Lanka Resident Mission, South Asia Department

Utsav is a Principal Country Economist at Sri Lanka Resident Mission, South Asia Department. He holds a PhD in Economics from University of Maryland, College Park.

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Charting Sri Lanka's Aging Population

These charts illustrate how Sri Lanka’s elderly population is increasing while the number of working-age people to help support them is declining. Forward-thinking policies are needed to address the challenges arising from this imbalance.

Utsav Kumar

People on the street in Suva, Fiji.

How Fiji Can Sustain its Growth Momentum

Fiji’s challenge is to avoid a repeat of the past, when growth spells were interspersed by bouts of volatility. The private sector will play a crucial role, so it’s time to continue and deepen reforms.

Utsav Kumar