Yasmin Siddiqi

Principal Water Resources Specialist, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, ADB

With over 20 years experience in the planning, design and implementation of water resources projects in Asia, Yasmin leads ADB knowledge work on water security and irrigation - aiming to drive latest technologies and innovations to improve water resources management. She has also been an ADB project officer for technical assistance, loan processing and administration of diverse water resources projects in Asia. She is a chartered civil engineer with specialization in irrigation engineering.

Blogs by this Author

  • Yasmin Siddiqi outside the conference venue in Stockholm.

    A snapshot of water security in Asia-Pacific

    Published on Thursday, 01 September 2016

    Yasmin Siddiqi, Principal Water Resources Specialist with ADB’s Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, shares updates from World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Pool storing mountain rainwater for drip/sprinkling irrigation of tea trees in the People's Republic of China.

    Blog poll: Is technology the answer to growing more food with less water?

    Published on Thursday, 04 February 2016

    A majority of respondents think drip and sprinkler systems are the best solution.

  • An ADB-supported solar irrigation project in Sumba, Indonesia.

    Growing more with less - can innovations make a difference?

    Published on Friday, 13 November 2015

    Growing more food with less water is the only solution to feed hungry urban populations and quench thirst for energy in developing Asia. Innovative approaches to managing energy and water can provide solutions.

  • An organic vegetable farmer in the Lao PDR.

    Women farmers can make Asia more food-secure

    Published on Friday, 06 November 2015

    Including women in agriculture as equal players can have a significant impact on crop production and can contribute to food security of Asia and the Pacific. We can produce more with less by giving women equal access to resources, education, and markets.

  • The average age of a Filipino farmer is now 57.

    Who's growing tomorrow's food?

    Published on Friday, 03 July 2015

    With a rapidly growing population in Asia and rising demand for drinking water, power, and food the competition for water resources is huge. The future challenge is how to grow more food with less water.