With ADB assistance, Marawi looks forward to rebuilding

Published on Friday, 14 December 2018

Published by Stephen P. Groff on Friday, 14 December 2018

Vice-President Stephen Groff explains how a new ADB loan and grants package will help boost economic activity in the southern Philippines.

I’m here at the Sagonsongan Transitional Shelter on the outskirts of Marawi City where over 1,000 evacuated families have lived for about a year.

In my discussions with local government officials, residents and other stakeholders, I felt the struggle they face every day as well as their hope for a better Marawi as they seek to rebuild this city following the months-long armed conflict that ended in October 2017.

Today, ADB’s Board of Directors approved the Emergency Assistance for Reconstruction and Recovery of Marawi program – a $408 million package of support for the people affected by this conflict. These loans and grants seek to help ease the adverse social and physical impacts of the armed conflict. 

A large portion of the support aims to help the government fund the massive costs of the Bangon Marawi Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, which is estimated at nearly $900 million.

  ADB to help Marawi build back better

ADB will help fund programs, projects and activities such as the restoration of schools and health facilities, scaling up of social assistance and employment programs, and capacity building related to local governance and peace-building.

We will also assist the government in building back better infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and drainage damaged during the conflict.

Through this assistance, we will help develop a master plan for a comprehensive water supply, sewerage and drainage system, and assist in rebuilding and rehabilitating the city’s water supply system. 

ADB will construct local health units that meet or exceed national standards. We will also support residents in finding jobs through cash-for-work assistance and livelihood programs. 

In my interaction with residents of Marawi, they expressed their strong desire for a better future for their children. We hope that through this new ADB loan and grants package, we can help transform Marawi into a thriving economic center in the southern Philippines, where all people live in peace and prosperity.

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