Bringing Renewable Energy to a Small Philippine Island

By Bambang Susantono

On Malalison Island, in the Philippines, people are enjoying 24/7 electricity service through the use of solar hybrid technology, a new kind of battery storage and smart metering.

Hi, we are now in Malalison Island, a tiny island of 55 hectares in Antique Province, south of Manila.

Before an ADB project came in they only have 4-5 hours a day electricity service.

I just commenced a project here with renewable energy and solar power panels and now the people have 24/7 electricity service.

With this project in Malalison we are trying to implement solar hybrid technology, a new kind of battery storage, and with some element of smart metering.

So what does it mean for the 800 people that are living here?

  The lights are back on in tiny Malalison, Philippines

First, of course, they can do better in terms of tourism and fisheries.

They can have better services offering food and lodging – there are a lot of homestays here.

And because power is cheaper and more affordable, they can set aside some money for other more productive uses.

The bottom line for students is that they can have more time to study.

The ADB project in Malalison Island is unique - this is not just a public private partnership project but also a public-private-people partnership project.

A cooperative is one of the main components.

  A public-private-people partnership in Malalison, Philippines

Also, we in ADB are trying to do what we call the three Ds – deploy, demonstrate, and disseminate

We hope that we are implementing not only an advanced technology but also an appropriate technology that is suitable for the socio and cultural setting of the people here so that it fits in with local economic and social conditions of the people.

At the end of the day, the knowledge gained from this project can be shared and disseminated to other people in Asia and the Pacific.