Drop kerosene, get electricity... on a stick

Drop kerosene, get electricity... on a stick

By Sohail Hasnie

A simple device can bring off-grid electricity to millions of homes in developing Asia.

People living in rural areas with no electricity use kerosene lamps for lighting, and travel long distances to charge their mobile phones. Today, with new technology, these inefficient practices are coming to an end.

Combining solar panels, lithium-ion battery and LED for lighting, the Australian government has financed a simple ‘electricity on a stick’ that almost everyone can afford.

I have seen many similar products but thought of sharing this one as it stands out for its simple design and smart attributes.

Just imagine – installing one million of these devices throughout developing Asia may cost about $40 million, but it can change the lives of a million poor families. Those households will be able to self-generate enough electricity for their own lights and mobile phone charging. 

Electricity supply technology is changing very fast. Don’t miss out on these new opportunities, and keep an eye on for these gadgets.