It’s time to talk about clean energy

Published on Monday, 03 June 2013

Published by Aiming Zhou on Monday, 03 June 2013

Written by Aiming Zhou, Senior Energy Specialist

The upcoming Asia Clean Energy Forum 2013 on June 25 to 28 at the ADB Headquarters is one of Asia’s premiere clean energy events. The event will bring together high level policy makers, the private sector, financial institutions, and civil society to discuss cutting-edge renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and approaches that are changing the face of developing Asia. 

Now on its eighth year, the Forum has grown in prominence in the Asia-Pacific’s clean energy sector, which ADB promotes as a foundation for the region’s sustainable, inclusive future. It has evolved remarkably from its first forum in 2006 with only less than 100 people in attendance. Back then, clean energy’s use in developing Asia was limited. Large hydropower was common, but all other renewable energy options were much less so. 

In less than a decade, Asia-Pacific region has transformed itself into a global leader in clean energy investment. Asian countries now supply the components for solar and wind installations throughout the world. In the countryside, rural communities increasingly run on renewable energy. And ADB’s policies, practices, and operations have led to a historic high of $2.3 billion investment in regional clean energy projects in 2012.

The Asia Clean Energy Forum serves as a venue to share the story of how ADB accomplished this feat, and why we have chosen to reinvent the development trajectory of old. For ADB, bold action for clean energy is a means to help solve the big problems facing our region – from climate change and the extreme weather events it brings to a growing and unsustainable dependence on oil. 

The Forum also provides a platform through which ADB listens to the stories and motivations of other champions for clean energy in the public and private sectors. Whether engaged as forward-looking decisions by national governments or as good business sense in the name of sustainability, these approaches inspire and invite greater collaboration among Forum participants in creating solutions to advance clean energy.

This imperative has only grown in urgency, with the news that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels recently passed 400 parts per million. The Asia Clean Energy Forum is built around the recognition that we must do more to embrace sustainability for current and future populations. We look forward to detailed and rousing discussions of how to sharpen and elevate Asia’s leadership as part of this historic global task.

For all these reasons, we hope to see you at the Forum. You may visit the official website for more information.