New Fiber Optic Connection Brings Broadband Internet to Palau

By James Lynch, Tommy Remengesau

Officials from ADB and Palau discuss how high-speed internet services will improve life in the remote island nation.

James Lynch, Deputy Director General of ADB’s Pacific Regional Department, and Palau President Tommy Remengesau discuss how high-speed internet services will improve life in the remote island nation.

James Lynch

I’m here at Ngeremlengui in Palau, at the landing site for the fiber optic cable that will for the first time connect Palau to the global internet. This is a historic milestone, with the launch of the Palau submarine cable network.

ADB is the principal financier for the North Pacific Regional Connectivity Investment Project. The new cable will improve the connectivity and quality of internet services for all Palauans.

Internet capacity has increased more than ten-fold, and reliability will be better than ever before. The broadband network will allow Palau to take advantage of new IT applications, from e-health to e-education, to e-governance, benefiting businesses, communities, and the local people of Palau.

The integration of Palau into the regional and global fiber optic network would not have been possible without the vision and commitment of the Palauan government.

ADB looks forward to building upon its partnership with Palau to improve the lives and opportunities for the Palauan people.

Palau President Tommy Remengesau

It’s a really exciting time for Palau. We are definitely taking a giant leap forward to keep up with the rest of the world in the field of telecommunication. It’s a very important and needed infrastructure, obviously, and it is a cause for celebration for our economy.

We also celebrate the results of a public-private partnership, how people can come together and solve challenges, and really create the necessary foundations for nations like Palau to continue to grow.

This telecom advancement has been, and will always be a critical component of our sustainable development.