Our Most Popular COVID-19 Blogs in Q3 2020

By ADB Blog Team

Our top 10 blogs for the third quarter show how Asia and the Pacific is rising to the COVID-19 challenge

1. Blending education and technology to help schools through the pandemic

Here are five key areas where EdTech solutions can help countries transition their short-term education solutions to the medium and long-term. Learn more →

2. Two ways to help revive tourism in Asia and the Pacific

Promoting domestic travel and using “travel bubbles” will help throw a lifeline to the region's struggling tourism industry. Learn more →

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the time of COVID-19

Researchers are finding new uses for artificial intelligence and machine learning during the pandemic, but they are not a silver bullet. Learn more →

4. Rebooting the economy: The global race to develop and deliver a COVID-19 vaccine

Developing a vaccine for COVID-19 within one year is a herculean task. Getting the vaccine to the hundreds of millions if not billions  of people who need it—especially in poorer countries—may be even harder.
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5. How COVID-19 could accelerate the digitization of the food supply chain

Digital technology is taking a growing role in the world’s food supply, from farm to fork. The right policies would ensure that the benefits are shared. Learn more →

6. Tracking COVID-19’s devastating toll on Asia’s remittances

ADB research indicates that the global economy could lose more than $100 billion in remittances. Governments need to act fast to protect the most vulnerable in society from this loss of vital income.
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7. Six ways young people are helping Asia through the pandemic

Young people have a unique perspective on international development. Here are examples of how they are helping Asia and the Pacific deal with COVID-19. Learn more→

8. How to avoid creating a “lockdown generation”

Young people are losing jobs faster than adults, but targeted policies can help them re-engage with the labor market. Learn more →

9. The future of cash 

As a result of the pandemic, fewer people are using cash and more have moved to a variety of digital payment options. But don’t count cash out yet. Learn more →

10. Five ways to stop corruption in its tracks

During the pandemic, corruption in projects could mean the difference between life and death for the poor and vulnerable. Learn more →

This ranking is based on pageviews in the third quarter of 2020.