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Armenia is well-suited for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Clean energy | Transport

Seven Actions Armenia Can Take to Accelerate the Adoption of Electric Vehicles

… to adopt electric vehicles. [tweet2="Powered by natural gas, nuclear energy, and hydro, Armenia has one of the region's lowest levels of … programs aimed at electric vehicle maintenance specialists. Build out renewable energy and the electricity grid. Armenia will only realize the … and energy independence, if it can in parallel increase its use of renewable energy. [tweet2="Armenia has substantial renewable potential. …

Don Lambert

Climate change

Strategies for Rapidly Decoupling Carbon Dioxide Emissions from GDP in Asia and the Pacific

… been more recent, driven by moderate demographic growth and cleaner energy sources.   In the People’s Republic of China, emissions keep … though less rapidly than GDP. Impressive strides have been made in renewable energies and electric vehicle production. Still, coal … 2 tCO 2 per person—a tad less than in peer economies outside Asia. Renewable energies have risen rapidly. Still, global coal consumption …

Jules Hugot, Jesson Pagaduan

A hydrogen gas discharge tube. Hydrogen can play a critical role in addressing climate change. Photo: Heinrich Pniok

Climate change | Energy

Climate Solutions: Three Paths to Expanding Investment in Green Hydrogen Energy

… economies, it’s about retrofitting existing industries to low carbon energy sources while developing new green industrial sectors. The focus … can be grouped into three pathways: as a commodity with large scale renewable energy production, to reduce carbon emissions in challenging … pathways: Green hydrogen as a commodity with related large scale renewable energy production. This includes hydrogen valleys/hubs and …

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The countries of the CAREC region need to work together to minimize the impacts of climate change and reduce emissions. Photo: Joel Heard

Climate change | Regional cooperation and integration

Five Actions to Address Climate Change in the CAREC Region

… and outputs in the region. Support the transition to a low-carbon energy system. Many countries in the region are improving their energy … also meet future demand while managing the transition to clean and renewable energy sources. These include investments in improving … regional electricity trade, transfer of technology on clean and renewable energy, and exploring the application of the Energy Transition …

Eugene Zhukov, Xinglan Hu (胡杏兰), Kristian Rosbach, Kenzhekhan Abuov

Increasing the role of women in green jobs will have positive impacts across the economy. Photo: ADB

Gender Equality

Empowering Women as Central Asia Builds a Green Economy

… and West Asia. Currently, women make up only 20% of the global energy workforce and 11% of top executives in global oil and gas. To … at both the workforce and leadership levels within the broader energy sector. As a general trend, women have historically been … traditionally male-dominated sectors, especially in the burgeoning renewable energy market and other technology and innovation sectors. …

Xiaohong Yang, Lyaziza Sabyrova, Zulfia Karimova

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is already impacting corporate portfolio. Photo: Dan Meyers

Climate change | Economics

How Companies and Governments Can Work Together to Address Climate Change

… global warming, oil and gas prices have soared in recent years. High energy prices have also led to underperformance of a majority of … actually shut down. Contrary to the common perception of high energy prices as a failure of sustainability, [tweet2="An increase in … rise in fossil fuel energy prices is inevitable to prompt a shift to renewable energy. However, better policies implemented now can …

Robert Engle, Cyn-Young Park (朴信永)