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Empowering Local Communities to Finance Their Clean Energy Future

… able to put together enough seed money to jumpstart a village-level energy project to improve their living standards and productivity. … funds  can be put into a special  hometown investment trust  to fund renewable power systems. Solar panels, wind turbines, and micro hydro … nearby factory to earn a profit. Watch how these innovative funds for renewable energy have already worked in Japan, Germany, and could …

Grant Stillman

ADB funds and products

ADB Scaling Up Assistance to PNG

… discusses the role of public-private partnerships, connectivity, and renewable energy in helping PNG meet its development goals. I’m here in Port … the country prepare for climate change by increasing investment in renewable energy. Increasing access to health care and financial …

Stephen P. Groff

100% urban electrification doesn’t necessarily deliver 24/7 power in some developing countries. Solar is a sustainable backup source.


A Unique Reason to Install Solar Power

… from Mansurdzhon Kudusov, project manager for a local supplier of renewable energy solutions for corporate clients. Mansur has figured out a way to … of Dushanbe’s unreliable grid-connected electricity. … Tajikistan … Energy

Sohail Hasnie

Solar power was initially installed on rooftops, then on public light fittings, later on land. Now it can be installed on water.


Floating Solar on the Move in Asia

Renewable energy is no longer the poor relation in the energy mix, seeking constant policy support and financial incentives. Take solar energy, for example. Two years ago, it relied on support from feed-in …

Sohail Hasnie