Ma. Concepcion G. Latoja

Economic Analyst (Consultant), ADB

Ma. Concepcion G. Latoja is a consultant at the Regional Cooperation and Integration Division of the Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department of ADB. As a senior economic analyst, Mari is the research and data focal for the Movement of People chapter of the Asian Economic Integration Report and the TA’s focal for the ADB Trade Finance Survey. She also supports updates on the movement of people indicators, blogs, and infographics of the Asia Regional Integration Center (ARIC) website. Previously, she contributed to the country diagnostic studies of the Economic Research and Operational Support Division.

Mari’s current research interests include migration, remittances, tourism, climate change, and access to finance by small and medium enterprises and women. She has served as faculty of the School of Economics of De La Salle University and worked as an officer at the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company.

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