Soames Job

CEO and Principal of Global Road Safety Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Soames has over 40 years of experience in road safety, including successfully heading government lead organisations in road safety, providing road safety guidance to governments and leaders in over 100 countries and states, being a Professor in Road Safety, and consulted for many MDBs, the UN, the World Health Organization, ISO, and the OECD. Experience in Road Safety includes: Global Lead for Road Safety, World Bank; Head of the Global Road Safety Facility; Executive Director, National Road Safety Council of Australia; Executive Director, New South Wales Centre for Road Safety. Mainly as member of a team, Soames has won 25 national and international awards in road safety and research.

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Ускорение ради безопасности: как снизить скорость движения на дорогах и спасти жизни

Улучшение управления скоростью дорожного движения приведет к снижению смертности и травматизма в результате дорожно-транспортных происшествий в Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе. Необходимы меры, ориентированные на обеспечение соблюдения правил, проектирование дорог, транспортные технологии и городское планирование.

Ritu Mishra, Soames Job