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  • The world’s oceans are under siege. Wide ranging projects and innovative financing are needed to clean up the seas before it is too late. Photo: Francesco Ricciardi

    Deep clean: How ‘blue finance’ can save our oceans

    Published on Thursday, 02 May 2019

    Cleaning the world’s oceans and keeping them clean is a gargantuan task that will involve far-reaching projects backed by innovative forms of financing

  • Stevedore carrying a 95-kg yellowfin tuna in Palawan, Philippines.

    Bluer than blue: Boosting the ocean economy

    Published on Monday, 08 June 2015

    As we reflect on the importance of the ocean today, the annual Coral Triangle Day held on 9 June has become a landmark regional event to celebrate World Oceans Day with one simple message: protect the ocean that sustains us all.