Blogs on diversity

  • Consultations on ADB's new strategy in Sydney, Australia with developing member countries from the Pacific.

    Shaping ADB’s new development strategy: Straight from the horse’s mouth

    Published on Thursday, 15 September 2016

    ADB is working on a new strategy leading up to 2030 to build on Strategy 2020. The process of preparing the document through consultations is as important as the strategy itself.

  • Astrid S. Tuminez

    Women's leadership: How to close the gender gap in Asia

    Published on Wednesday, 08 April 2015

    Asia’s booming economic growth has helped reduce the gender gap in many countries. However, there is still much room for improvement. We sat down to discuss women’s leadership with Microsoft's Astrid S. Tuminez.

  • Becoming bolder about diversity and inclusion

    Published on Thursday, 21 March 2013

    There is a delicate balance in everything. Gender and diversity is the same. Within many organizations there have been significant historic challenges in rebalancing the numbers of men and women, and treating everyone more fairly.