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  • PRC steel is currently subject to a 25% tariff US import tariff.

    Why imposing trade tariffs backfires in an interconnected world

    Published on Monday, 03 December 2018

    Production value chains in Asia and beyond will be severely affected by the US-PRC trade tensions.

  • A student at a primary school in Bangladesh.

    What’s next for the GPEDC in the post-2015 world?

    Published on Monday, 03 August 2015

    In the run-up to its second high-level meeting in Kenya next year, the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation will need to consider some difficult questions on what to focus on for the post-2015 world.

  • Asia Pacific post-2015 priorities, MDG8 and Global Partnerships

    Published on Tuesday, 11 February 2014

    Any contemporary story on development in Asia-Pacific begins with reflection on massive gains achieved in the fight against poverty. The incidence of people living on less than $1.25 a day fell from 54.5% in 1990 to 20.7% in 2010, with the number of extreme poor declining from 1.48 billion to 733 million. This precipitous decline in poverty incidence has been accompanied by tremendous gains in access to health and education.