Blogs on job skills

  • Credit transfer systems enable TVET graduates to pursue higher education.

    The future of work means ‘learning to re-learn’

    Published on Thursday, 03 January 2019

    Five steps we can take to ensure that school-leavers are ready to enter the workforce that awaits them in the future.

  • USP students in a computer lab.

    10 ways to accelerate job creation in the Pacific

    Published on Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    New development opportunities offer Pacific island countries the chance to leverage their unique potential to help the private sector create enough decent, sustainable jobs.

  • 2016 has been declared the Year of the Youth in Palau.

    What does it mean to be a Palauan youth in 2016?

    Published on Friday, 05 August 2016

    Despite the challenge of limited employment opportunities, for both the Palau government and youth leaders the future of the country’s youth looks bright. 

  • People on the street in Suva, Fiji.

    How Fiji can sustain its growth momentum

    Published on Monday, 18 July 2016

    Fiji’s challenge is to avoid a repeat of the past, when growth spells were interspersed by bouts of volatility. The private sector will play a crucial role, so it’s time to continue and deepen reforms.

  • Antara Ganguli, Deputy Country Representative of UN Women in Bangladesh.

    Vocational training – crucial, but not everything

    Published on Monday, 01 February 2016

    Completing a short training course doesn’t necessarily provide the ‘employability edge.’ What else is at play?